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Paris, France 

Symphony of history and fashion; Elevated by the goodness of fine wine and mesmerizing people.




Finally got the chance to stop by this famous city. I was here for work, I was busy every day until the last day. But that didn't stop me from knowing this city a little bit better. 


I always believe the people is one of the critical reasons for why each place is unique. 

I try not to let them intimidate me, but instead, try to get to know each story. 


Here is my Journey, bon voyage!



 Kyoto, Japan 

Ever since my first visit to Japan over 10 years ago, I have fallen in love.


A different dimension, filled with compassion, Zen, and patience.


They are the few who understands the concept of understanding. 




New York City, USA​

New York City is a second home to me. As a city boy, there is absolutely no reason for me to not fall in love wth this city. 


New York City used to be a place where I would only see in film and movies, or famous fashion/ street photographs. It was somewhere always on my to-go-to list. 





Budapest, Hungary


Vienna, Austria

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