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If you are looking at this, chances are you already know what this is. 


For those who don't know, think  RAID Mod as a Modded Standard uniform top , mirroring the style of a Crye Field top.  


The standard treatment is

1. Moving the bottom two pockets to the cheast area and slanted, 

2. Moving the Original chest pocket to the Sleeves, and Vemcro addrd for patches/ identifiers. 

** Velcro style/ color are customizable; Please let me know if you have a specific colorway in mind. 



You can send you old uniforms in OR have me find them for you; your choice.


Note: Because of the need for seam ripping on the original pocets, there will be the old stitch marks on the face of the shirt. This is Normal and unavoidable. Please make sure you 




  • Once Commited to a Made to order project there will be no Refund. Thank you for understanding. 


  • Orders Will be shipped out By default with USPS Priority, If we run into any problems prior of lable creation, order will be shipped with an other service that supoports the delivery address.

    Delays are expected for Overseas and international shipping; COVID-19 has slowed the process down but we will try our best to get you the product ina reasonable time. Thank you for the constant support ! 

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